Want to know more about Timeless Treasures Photography? Here is a list of common questions I get asked. Take a few minutes and read over the questions and answers here, I think it will give you a better idea of who Timeless Treasures Photography is and how it operates.

How long have you been doing business?

 Timeless Treasures Photography was started in 2006. 

What is your work experience?

I have been taking wedding & studio photographs since 2006 and I am constantly reading, watching tutorials and seminars, and always pushing the limits to try new things that appeal to my clients. I understand how to shape the light and how to pose people in a way that looks natural and flattering. These are both things that I understand and will use to create the "perfect" images for your day.

Are you the one who will personally be the photographer of my wedding?

Yes, I will be the one you will work with you on your wedding day. 

Is this your full time job?

Yes, this is my full time job. I will photograph your wedding and then spend the rest of the week photographing in the studio or locations, booking consultations, editing images, posting to social media, creating galleries, and paying attention to all the details so everyone will LOVE their images. 

How do you describe your style?

On a personal level I am a laid back kind of go with the flow person. I feel this is great in wedding photography because timelines and plans never really go as planned and I am quick to adapt and keep going. I really love color and love to create images full of vibrant color. I think a good analogy would be to say I have a chameleon personality or style when it comes to weddings. My goal is to fit in, to take the info you give me about you, your personality, your style, and create a vision from it for your wedding images. I love to tell a story and I do this by documenting your day from the smallest detail to the main key event. I have been told by many that they forgot I was there but somehow I still manage to get the shot.  I like to stay on the sidelines of your day, to be quick & quiet during the event itself, and to crack jokes, make you relax and gently guide you through posing during the formal session.

How many images would I receive from a typical wedding?

I don't like to give minimum or maximum numbers because then I feel like I have to either watch how many I shoot or I am overshooting if the event doesn't have a lot of action going on. I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. It also depends on the amount of time that I spend with you over the course of the day. The longer I am with you and the more activity that is happening, the more images you will receive. 

What level of editing do you provide?

All of the images will be color corrected and basic editing such as skin softening if need be, blemish removal, clarifying, and some special effects will be done.

If we order an album through you, how long does it take before we get it?

Once your gallery is online you will have the option of choosing the images you want placed in your album. Once you have finished selecting your images,  I will work on a preview and normally have it to you within a couple weeks. From there you get to see it and let me know any changes you want made and I will work these new changes and send you the updated preview. We keep going back and forth until you absolutely LOVE your album. The amount of time to get to this point is dependent on you. How long it takes you to pick the images and how long it takes you to get back to me with the changes you want made. Once you are happy and I send it to print, it takes about 8-12 weeks to get it to you. Remember perfection takes time.

How long after the wedding does it take until we receive our images files?

Typically the week after your wedding I will begin to post images on my Facebook page as I am editing through them and a final preview will follow on the blog. Within 30 days your images will be loaded into your online gallery for you to view, and the high resolution files will be in your hands within 3 months of your wedding date.

Do you offer engagement shoots? If so what is the cost?

I do offer engagement sessions and really highly encourage them. I feel that this is a great way to connect with you. I get to see before the wedding how you photograph as a couple. I get a chance to visit with you to find out more about who you are, your style, and personality. This is a great time for me to find out what you love or hate about yourself in an image so on your wedding day I can take that into consideration and create the images you will LOVE. The clients I have had who have their engagement session with me prior to their wedding feel more relaxed in their wedding photos because they know how I operate, they feel comfortable around me, and they feel more relaxed around the camera than the ones who don't do the engagement session with me. Engagement sessions start at $200.

We love your services & portfolio, everything sounds fantastic! Please tell me what sets you apart from all the other photographers.

 I want to get to know you so that your images will reflect your personality & style. The people in my images don't look uncomfortable because I know them and position them in ways that they feel comfortable. This makes them look as if they were caught in the moment without any posing. I work with my clients to organize a good wedding photography schedule so that we are able to create the images you want but not keep you away from your guests for too long either. I work hard to get to know my clients so that I can create images that will reflect their personality and style. I am different because once you come to me, I am all about you! You are not just another booking; I don't write your name on my calendar and then forget about you until your wedding day. I want to know about you, the details of your wedding, and I want these things because this is what sets me apart. I know on your wedding day how to pose you because I know what you are comfortable with, I know what to say to make you smile and laugh, I know in the end the types of images that you want from your wedding day. I am unobtrusive but get the job done. I mold to fit the group I am with, blending into your crowd. My goal is not about filling my portfolio with images I love but about using the time to create the images you will Love.

This all sounds so wonderful but also seems so expensive

 I definitely understand budget constraints,and know just how much money and planning goes into a wedding day. My pricing is very carefully determined. With the quality of work and dedicated attention I deliver to each and every client, my rates are competitive and precisely where they should be in the Upstate NY wedding photography market. There is much that goes into pricing for my business, not limited to the day that I am photographing your wedding, the hours I spend consulting, editing, and designing. It also envelops the entire cost of running a business, including insurance, marketing, equipment, ongoing education, as well as the cost of living for myself and my family. Ultimately, choosing your wedding photographer is a decision you must make based on your emotional attachment. It will come down to the style you envision your day captured in, and the photographer you feel comfortable with and that you can trust through the entire process.

Who do you work best with?

I work best with couples who feel that quality photography is important. With those who are excited about having me photograph their day and who mesh with my personality. With people who take time to really visit and let me get to know them so I can create images based on their personality and with those who follow my work on social media and interact with me there. 

Do you carry backup equipment? If so where is it during the event?

  Yes! I carry two camera bodies on me personally throughout most of your event. This way if one fails during a key moment I can pick of the other one and keep shooting without missing any important moments. I will sometimes leave the extra in the car during the getting ready or towards the end of the reception after all the important key items are done. But that really just depends on the nature of each wedding. More than not they are both on me from the time I show up until the time I leave. I also carry additional lenses, flashes, reflectors, etc. 

What is your dress code?

  My dress code varies a little between weddings. If your wedding is a high-end, high-class wedding I will show up in a dress suite, however if your wedding is more low-key and laid back then I will come in dress pants and a dressy top. My goal is to fit in to your wedding and blend in with your guests so that I am not obtrusive and fit the part of your wedding day.

Do you take credit cards and can we have a payment plan?

 Yes, I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, & American Express. I do offer payment plans if that best fits your needs.

Do you take on more than one wedding per day?

 NO! Once you sign a contract that whole day is reserved for you. I do this because plans and things change. So if the events of your day change or you decide you want me to start earlier or stay later I can accommodate to your needs.

This sounds like everything we've been looking for, what happens next to start the process?

 The next step is for you to call me 607-342-0431 to setup your complementary get acquainted consultation. I want to hear about your needs, see if we are a good match, & what package best fits your personality, style, and budget.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it's like to work with you?

 Yes, absolutely! You can also look at our client testimonials right now. Send me an email (valerie@savingyourmemories.com) requesting references and I will be happy to provide you with some.